This training site was built with individuals, business owners, and marketing agencies in mind.  This is because it was built by an independent consultant who built an advertising agency.  As we grew our ad agency, we needed a system for training our team. So we created tons of training videos, and then built this website to share them with staff and measure progress.  Then, we opened it to the public.  (Note, if you’d like to watch a video about how to get started using this website, you might just start here instead.


The benefits to individuals and independent marketing consultants are clear.  You are selling your expertise and your time, and we’ll help you with both:

  • We’ll keep you up-to-speed on the most important techniques, tactics, trends, and strategies in digital advertising and analytics
  • Our videos will be “problem-oriented” and “task-oriented” so they won’t waste your time with abstract theories
  • We’ll make it very easy for you to solve specific problems for your clients
  • You can always request videos on specific topics, and we’ll create them for you
  • You’ll gain a certification that client’s will respect from the PPC Round Table

Individual: purchase online

Mid-Size Agencies (5-100 employees)

For bigger agencies, you’ll get all the benefits listed above, as well as some additional ones:

  • Cut your onboarding time by 75% of more for new employees
  • Measure the skills of your team
  • See which team members are actively learning new things
  • Get certifications that your clients will respect from the PPC Round Table
  • Get one-on-one or team-level coaching as needed.

Small and Mid-Size Pricing: contact us for details.

Large Agencies (100-5000 employees)

For huge agencies, you might want to go with the proprietary route.  This is where you can have a version of this site built with all of our content, plus the ability to create your own content.  We’ll train you up, get the site setup, and you’ll have your own internal corporate e-learning portal to use however you like.  For agencies with hundreds to thousands of employees, quality control is tough, and this site will be a huge asset.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to get a proprietary version of this site:

  • Get employees onboarded faster
  • Get senior employees to share wisdom with new hires
  • Measure online learning behavior
  • Uncover knowledge gaps on your team

Large Agency Pricing: contact us for details.