eBook: Dissecting 300+ Examples of Facebook Ads

One of the ways that we teach people to create great ads is to give them hundreds of examples of ads that are (a) horrible (b) excellent and (c) mediocre.  If you see what other companies are doing, I promise it will be easier for you to write ads that stand out. And in order to […]

5 PPC Facts That You Should Memorize

A big part of running PPC campaigns is understanding exactly what makes it unique and effective. Here are five statements that I find myself repeating again and again that you should commit to memory before talking to clients: The fundamental power of keyword advertising is that you are targeting by “intent.”  The fundamental power of […]

11 Ways To Apply Gamification To Education

As the cofounder of this online training site for marketers, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand the best ways to improve online education, and one very important area is “gamification.” In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, gamification in education is where you attempt to motivate students by applying specific “game” […]

Free Marketing Content for 2017

As you may know, this training site was built to fuel the growth of our PPC marketing agency, and it is doing a great job in helping us train our team and share best practices with our clients. But it is also a stand-alone business of its own, and I hope that it starts to stand […]

7 Lessons On Auditing AdWords Accounts

One of the most important things you can do is audit and re-audit AdWords accounts to measure performance.  It is sometimes a good idea to ignore the “creative” side of advertising, and purely look at best practices to make sure that the AdWords account is running with solid fundamentals in place. You will notice a […]

9 Online Marketing Lessons With Downloadable Templates

One of the most common pieces of feedback we’re getting from users of this website is that we should make more lessons that have downloadable templates, and so we decided to compile all current lessons that have either PowerPoint or Excel templates that you are free to use for your own purposes, and we will […]

9 Lessons About Conversion Tracking

Here are the first nine video lessons about how to think about, setup, and measure conversions using Google Analytics and AdWords. These video lessons should give you a solid grounding in how to measure a wide variety of actions/outcomes on your own website, or for your clients. How To Assign a Dollar Value To Goals […]

Six Screaming Frog SEO Training Lessons

One of our favorite tools for SEO is the desktop tool called Screaming Frog. In our opinion, it is much better than Moz for serious SEO professionals, because it gives you the freedom to get all the SEO information you need about a website, but the extra power it gives you comes at the price […]

Be a Beta Tester – Get Early Benefits

Right now we are looking for some early users of Will Marlow Training.  We would like to find another 50 people to use the website, and we’re willing to give you three things in exchange for you becoming an early user: You will get 90% off of the price of premium membership, which means you would […]