This training website was (and still is) a labor of love.  I’m the founder of a digital marketing agency that helps demanding clients with AdWords, SEO, Google Analytics, and so this website started as a way to train my team to do this type of work.

But I got carried away, because I love learning new things, and l love teaching.  And I quickly learned that there was no good way to teach someone AdWords in a short period of time.  All the courses that I found were terrible.  They take too long, and they are taught by people who don’t work actively in the field, and so they weren’t a good way to teach you how to keep clients happy.

I work actively in the field with clients updating keyword bids, optimizing ad text, fine tuning campaigns, and analyzing and reporting on results.  Almost all of the lessons you’ll find on this training site were conceived originally as questions posed by clients at one time or another.

So, if you are new to the Will Marlow Training website, then you are in the right place. If you watch the lesson below, you’ll know the following things:

  1. Is this training website right for you?
  2. How can you access the free content?
  3. After you’ve watched all of the free content, what should you do next?